What Are The Risks And Advantages Of Hormone Replacement Therapy?

Menopause starts around fifty for most women. However, women who have undergone a hysterectomy could experience the life change at an earlier age. The symptoms of the condition can start as many as one or two years before menopause starts. Doctors can provide hormone therapy for women who are going through menopause.

Reviewing the Risks

The most common risk to women during replacement therapy is breast cancer. A sudden increase in the hormone can lead to a risk of developing blood clots and the possibility of a stroke or heart attack. If the woman goes through menopause at sixty or older, their risks are greater. Women who have existing cancer, heart disease, or liver disease cannot receive hormone replacement therapy.


What Do Women Experience During Menopause?

Hot flashes and night sweats are more likely during all stages of menopause. Women can also experience insomnia and sleep disturbances. Vaginal dryness and severe itching can also occur during any stage of menopause. By acquiring hormone replacement therapy, women receive relief from their symptoms. Each type of replacement therapy provides a reduction in symptoms and could help control mood swings.

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What Can Happen If Women Don’t Receive Replacement Therapy?

Women who don’t receive hormone replacement therapy could experience thinning bones and could develop osteoporosis. Cardiovascular disease is also possible if the woman doesn’t receive replacement therapies. The treatment strategies can also prevent early onset dementia for patients in later stages of their lives. Women should discuss the full benefits of receiving the therapy with their doctor.


Are All Treatments Natural?

No, some doctors may provide synthetic estrogen or progesterone treatments. The supplements are often available over the counter. Patients who cannot afford prescription medications to treat menopause symptoms could benefit from supplements that provide the same effects as natural hormone replacement choices.


Menopause leads to severe symptoms that make women uncomfortable and lead to serious mood swings. The symptoms could also reduce their quality of life and introduce serious health risks. Replacement therapy is necessary to lower common risks at later stages of life. Women who want to learn more about menopause or caffeine during pregnancy can read more right now. 

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